Tuesday 31 January 2023

    Open up to a world of discoveries with the Davide of MIMIC Radio Stream

    Amidst the growing number of quality Classical music streaming services we tend to lose the pleasure of surprise we associate with radio listening.

    Even the most knowledgeable music lover has a lot to learn, a need to widen one's horizon, to sample a specific performer or a genre previously ignored.

    This is why we only provide a playlist of the last played tracks.
    I also take extra care in curating the music metadata, so that all titles and performers are complete and correct.

    The Davide of MIMIC radio stream brings to you new ideas, as well as music you are already in love with. 24 hours a day, there are plenty of discoveries for listeners tuned in from all over the world, to chill out or get enthused with our music.

    Supporting our radio is easy and we are grateful for all of you who are already donating.
    Also, keep getting in touch with us, your ideas and suggestions are precious!