Monday 18 November 2019

    To all of Davide's friends and supporters...

    Thank you to all the passionate music lovers who join the Davide of MIMIC radio daily from all over the world.
    This top audio quality stream is offered to you all, to enjoy the classical master you already know, as well as to discover new composers and musicians.
    The Davide of MIMIC musical world ranges from Early Baroque to Contemporary classics. In order to exploit this radio's signature sound brilliance, I privilege recordings from the last 40 years or so, so to provide a fully enjoyable listening experience!

    Studio recordings and high quality live takes are alternated in the playlists. You always get to hear a work in its entirety. I believe popularising classical music by playing just the highlights from a symphony or sonata does help in gaining an audience, but might offer a misleading easy listening that is not what I am aiming at, which is instead, an in depth listening for knowledgeable yet curious music lovers.

    You can find the Davide of MIMIC on TuneIn and Radionomy by using your SONOS devices, or any other streaming devices, on a mobile App, on iTunes Internet Radio section on Mac, or listen to it in Foobar2000 on your computer.

    Thank you for your donations, and for the beautiful support given by you all...

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