Saturday 14 May 2022

    Summer 2022... For Endless Classical Music Discoveries

    True music lovers all over the world tune in to the Davide of MIMIC radio daily to enjoy the great classical masters, along with less known composers and performers.

    The Davide of MIMIC musical scope ranges from Early Baroque to Contemporary classics. In order to exploit this radio's signature sound brilliance, most aired recordings are from the last 40 years or so, to make for a truly brilliant and educational listening experience!

    Studio recordings and high quality live takes are alternated in the playlists. You always get to hear a work in its entirety.

    I believe popularising classical music by playing highlights from a symphony or sonata might help gaining a wider audience, but it offers a misleadingly easier presentation too, one that does not privilege a deeper entertainment for our knowledgeable and curious listeners.

    You can find the Davide of MIMIC on TuneIn and Radionomy, by using your SONOS devices, or any other streaming systems, on mobile App, in your car, on iTunes, or with high quality software like Foobar2000, through your computer.
    Better still, you can use the embedded players on this page!

    Please enjoy our seamless music world - every day!

    I am humbled by your support, generosity and devotion, and I warmly thank all of you...

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